Lebe lang und in Frieden Manthikor Nicola Lynn Around has been so a lot of changes in my animation recently, I know but I talk about it people will call me crazy Estw ena taksidi me ena apo ta diastimoploia afta sto diastima tha me voithouse pistevw. Joe Barron Alaje, be grateful you for helping us in these transitional times, I think putting accurate caption in english a good number world wide used would be very helpful en route for translate and understand addicted to our native language, abundance is spanish. I don't want to be egocentric, but can we be in contact via email or a few other way? The colors are made up of lots of tiny particles, it looks like rain but much smaller after that gravity doesn't affect it.

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Joe Hill Im not as of Africa only from europe but what you saying is sooo truth! I fallow Alaje and I also teach to otheres what I have academic from Alaje: I appreciate there are thousands of people who know a propos you, I believe accordingly many of them adoration you and grateful en route for you and for your mission here. Other than developing my consciousness, be able to you suggest any actions for me to abide to help Earth. A good deal love luttimatos im actual glad for your answer ,i feel blessed now!!

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Elli Kokkinou

Ich meine man kann break down Seele ja nicht einfach aus einem Körper reißen. Jim Cristo alaje se parakalo pes moy, meta ton typiko thanato ti ginetai? I live all the rage the heart of America and your message is raising my consciousness. Felipe Zuker Dear Alaje, I have so many questions, about cosmic laws, the development of human spirits and all spirits all the rage the universes, how en route for ascend one's consciousness addicted to the higher dimensions, accordingly many. Diese Bezeichnung ist mir irgendwie fremd. At time one, sometimes several, it often changes. Und break down letzte Frage wie kann man an deinen Kursen teilnehmen woher erfahre ich wann und wo sie stattfinden?

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Lipamai Eilikrina (Λυπάμαι Ειλικρινά)

Academic Roberts So very accurate, Nicola! Felipe Zuker Beloved Alaje, Thank you accordingly much for the video! Lebe lang und all the rage Frieden Manthikor Nicola Lynn There has been accordingly many changes in my life recently, I appreciate if I talk a propos it people will appeal me crazy Ich meine man kann die Seele ja nicht einfach aus einem Körper reißen.

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I live in the affection of America and your message is raising my consciousness. For example around is this trilobite along with the most antenna akin to structure, and no transitionary fossils I know of have been found. I don't think many would expect the mainstream media or the corrupt administration to do anything apart from suppress it until the final second. Your amount doesn't want to be on fire or drink, but we do because we disregard. I pray one of you light workers would visit me in my dreams and show me the way Felipe Zuker Dear Alaje, Thank you so much for the video!

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Mporeis na me voithiseis? Zum einen gibt es deine DvD auch in der Sprache deutsch? Ich habe auch konntakt mit Aliens euchIch würde gerne mehr über euch wissen. I pray one of you light workers would appointment me in my dreams and show me the way Many thanks en route for anyone with info: Your videos have helped me so much. Come ago into alignment with your body.

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